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  • Jawarish Shahi

Jawarish Shahi

Throbbing and restlessness,Weak heart

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Complete solution for heartcare it strengthing heart, Cardiac and Brain tonic. Relieves throbbing and restlessness

It strengthens the heart and the nervous system.

  • Strengthens the heart and the nervous system.


Throbbing and restlessness,Weak heart and the nervous system.

How To Use?

5-10 gm, to be taken with water on empty stomach in the morning.

pack Size : 125 gm, 250 gm & 1 kg.


Murabba Halela, Murabba Amla, Kishneez Khushk, Elaichi Khurd, Arq Bed Mushk, Qand Safaid.

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