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  • Arusak


Restores and tones up lax and sagging vaginal muscles.

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It restores and tones up lax and sagging vaginal muscles, also checks leucorrhoea

Arusak female tightening gel is a natural herbal product that works to promote muscles strength and elasticity. It focuses on the muscles found in the pelvic floor area of the vagina.

  • Tightness in your vagina.
  • Able to feel sensations during intercourse.
  • Increase the elasticity of the vaginal muscles.
  • Strengthening of the vaginal structure.

How To Use?

Two pieces of cotton swab soaked with Arusak to be inserted in the vagina on both sides.

  • After 8-10 days of menstrual period, two pieces of sponge or cotton wool, soaked with Arusak Gel.
  • It just a little larger than a soap nut to be inserted in vagina on both side.
  • Attach strong thread with it to pull out the sponge or cotton wool easily.
  • On getting up in the morning the pieces of sponge or cotton wool should be picked out.
  • One pack of 50 grams is sufficient for 15 days.
pack Size : 50 gm. Ingredients:

Mazoo sabz, Vaseline Safaid, Colour red.

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