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Herbal Foods
  • Chyawanprash Awaleha

Chyawanprash Awaleha

Low immunity,colds and flu,cough,

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It is a well-known ayurvedic medicine, it is useful in cold, cough & asthma. It gives strength to lungs, removes general debil-ity, strengthens the brain & nerves, improves memory and strengthens stomach & liver.

  • It is also quite valuable for heart, as it ensures cardiac fitness.
  • Being an antioxidant, it slows the rate at which aging takes place.
  • It sharpens the memory and thus is considered a great memory booster.
  • For females suffering from menstrual problems, Chyavanprash is highly useful.

How To Use?

10 gms for adults & 5 gm for child twice in a day

pack Size : 250 gm, 500 gm and 1 kg.


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