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Herbal Foods
  • Dawae Takore

Dawae Takore

  • Brand: Hamdard
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It increases the flexibility of nerves which help in erection. It cures the problems caused due to excessive sexual act in young age

How To Use?

12 gm to be tied in a piece of muslin cloth to form a small bag. Keep ready 40 ml of sesame (till) oil as hot as can be tolerated. Lmmerse the bag in the oil from time and foment for 15 minutes.

pack Size : 80 gm.


It contains asgand, aamba haldi, tukhm arandi, taj qalmi, til siyah, kharateen khushk, zarawand mudharji, qaranfal, ghoongchi, safaid, malkangni, qaranfal, maghz chironji, meda lakdi, narjeel kohna.

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