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Dynamol Cream

for erectile dysfunction, impotence.

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Mental tension arising out of pressures in socil life, altered food habits etc. are some of the reasons for sexual sluggishness feebleness and obliquity Rubbing this cream strengthens the tissues of male organ and increases sexual vigour. Its massage increases elasticity in male organ and corrects obliquity.

Usage of this cream strengthens the tissues of male organ and removes sluggishness, feebleness.

How To Use?

750 mg of cream to be applied on male organ once a day followed by massaging till it vanishes.
In case of any side effect stop its use temporarily and apply coconut oil on affected portion.
After healing continue the use for 3-4 weeks for complete results.

pack Size : 10 gm.


Oil of Birbahoti, Aqarqarha, Jawatri, Jaiphal, Malkangni, Nagkesar Mushkdana, Maghz Jamalgota, Ispand, Kabab?e-Khandan, Tukhm?e-piyaz, Khusia?e-Buz, Ambar, Roghan Baiza?e-Murgh, Roghan Kaner.

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