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Goli Nawab Ali Shah Rex

Functional impotence

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Activates the chief organs of the body. Corrects sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, involuntary discharge of semen, functional impotence, depressed libido, unsatisfactory erection and related disorders. Replenishes the vital forces, enhances energy and stamina and makes the body organs and muscles strong.

Dosage & mode of administration: To increase the duration of sexual act and strengthen the virulence, 1 pill should be taken with milk two hours before coitus.

In chronic premature ejaculation, 1/2 pill should be taken with Majoon Jalali or Laboob Kabir 10 gms. should be taken with milk at bed time.

How to use; 1 pill 2 hours before intended intercourse on an empty stomach or after complete digestion of food with 250 ml warm milk. No food should be given between taking the pill till after intercourse. Those suffering from permanent lack of vitality should be given half a pill daily, at bed time, with warm milk.

Pack Size; 5 Pills. & 10 pills.
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