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  • Habbe Ambar Momyaee (GOLD COATED) Rex

Habbe Ambar Momyaee (GOLD COATED) Rex

Cardio-Brain Nervine

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It acts as Cardio-Brain Nervine tonic and as an Aphrodisiac.

Cardio- brain, nervetonic. Safe guard for libido in male. Removes the weakness of noble and reproductive organs due to worngfully our indulgence in sexual act durning young age. It also removes the weakness arised soon after coitus. It is effective in the management of continuous lake of interst in life and sex after sexual intercourse. Best result may be observed after it use for a reasonable period.


Momyai, Jadwar Khatai, Marwarid, Daronj Aqrabi, Qaranfal, Ud Saleeb, Jaifal, Behman Surkh, Shakakul Misri, Tabasheer, Ud Hindi, Mastagi, Tezpat, Javitri, Behman Safaid, Zanjabil, Darchini, Salab Misri, Amber, Roghan Pista, Warq Tila, Arq Bahar, Arq Gulab.


One Pill to be taken with milk twice daily.

Packing size: 10 Pills.

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