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  • Habbe Ayarij

Habbe Ayarij

  • Brand: Hamdard
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Eradicates thick & viscid sputum from the brain & system. Beneficial in epilepsy, chronic headache and other phlegmatic disorders of the body.

How To Use?

3 gm, to be taken at night before sleep after mixing with 125 ml of Arq Gawzaban, in the morning a suitable purgative should be taken.

pack Size : 60 pills.


Safoof Ayarij Faiqra, Tukhm Soya, Turbud Safaid, Habbul Neel, Shaham Hanzal, Ghareequn, Namak Sanbhar, Arq Badyan, Asaroon, Elwa, Balchhar, Taj, Darchini, Pakhan Bed, Mastagi, Zafran.

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