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  • Habbe Hamal

Habbe Hamal

Uterine atony, metritis.

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If the sterility is caused by uterine atony, metritis or any other uterine disorder, in these conditions, Habb-e-Hamal plays important role for conception

It corrects internal disorders that result in the inability to conceive.

  • Effective in uterine atony, metritis
  • Usefull in uterine disorder

Uterine atony, metritis,uterine disorder.

How To Use?

1 pill, to be taken with 250 ml of milk every morning and evening for three days after the menstrual period is over. On the fourth day sexual intercouse is recommended. Treatment to be continued for two or more months or until conception occurs.

pack Size : 20 pills..


Afyun, Zafran, Zaifal, Purana Gurh, Bhang, Chhalia, Laung (without Mushk).

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