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  • Habub Muqawwi Meda

Habub Muqawwi Meda

Improving digestion

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These pills help in digestion, relive flatulence and regulate intestinal functions.

Improving digestion
Relieves flatulence and regulates intestinal functions.
Digestive disorders Constipation, hyperacidity,intestinal issue.

How To Use?

2 pills to be taken after meals, for purgative action: 4 pills to be taken with lukewarm water at bed time.

pack Size : 100 pills & 400 pills.


Ajwain, Agae Hindi, ilaichi Kalan, Amla Khushk, Peepal Kalan, Chit Lakdi, Namak Sambhar, Namak Shisha, Halela Siyah, Filfil Siyah.

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