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  • Iksir Pyorrhoea

Iksir Pyorrhoea

Teeth and gums

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It is a combination of two medicines-Tooth Powder and Mouth Wash. Tooth powder is prepared from ingredients, which stop the poisonous pus of Pyorrhoea and protect gums from further deterioration. It also helps tighten loose teeth. Mouthwash helps in cleaning the mouth and removing the Pus from mouth so that the tooth powder can act effectively and cure this dangerous disease

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With the pack

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Post Halela zard, Sumaq, Samundar jhag, Aqarqarha, Kafoor, Kabab khandan, Gaz mazij, Gul anar, Gul surkh, Mameeran chini, Naushadar. Phitkari biryan, Suhaga kham, Kaththa safaid, Gond safaid.

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