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  • Imyoton Capsule

Imyoton Capsule

For body’s natural defences.

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IMYOTON is a unique and natural formula that combines the goodness of various time tested & trusted herbs, resulting in an effective anti oxidant activity against free radicals and negative external influences including stress & seasonal changes.

Benefits of IMYOTON include:

IMYOTON offers effective anti-oxidant activity and greatly boosts the immune system.
Provides excellent support for body’s natural defences.
Activates different elements of the immune system.
Augments body resistance to disease, helping to ward off illness and disease.
Helps keep body healthy and strong, protecting it from environmental stressors.
Helps provide year- round protection against free radicals and infections.
Help improve resistance to infections & long term cell protection from free radicals.
Potentiates Immune Status & Enhances Body Resistance

Unani medicine helpful in mentioned conditions, seek medical advice if symptoms persist

Imyoton Contains

  • Amla - Augments body resistance to diseases.
  • Neem - Purifies blood and keeps it toxin-free.
  • Giloy - Revitalizes body and enhances longevity.
  • Asgand - Greatly boosts the immune system, helps fight diseases.

How to use:

Two capsules with water in the morning.

Pack size:

60 Capsules.


- Each capsule of approx 500 mg contains : Arjun - 10 mg, Asgand - 35 mg, Satavari - 20 mg, Safed Moosli - 20 mg, Peepal Kalan - 10 mg, Jaiphal - 5 mg, Ilaichi Safed - 5 mg, Punarnava - 40 mg, Giloy - 25 mg, Tukhm-e-konch - 100 mg, Amla khushk - 10 mg, Berg-e-Neeb - 25 mg, Tukhm-e-methi - 10 mg, Laung - 5 mg, Bhui Amla - 20 mg, Kushta Jast - 10 mg.

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