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  • Itrifal Deedan Rex

Itrifal Deedan Rex

Intestinal worms

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Acts as Antihelmintic.Vermicidal in action. Exerts all intestinal worms out from the body and stops their reproduction further in body.

Not only vermicide of all types of intestiminal worms but also stops their reproduction in future.


Bao Barang, Habbunel, Kamila Surkh, Turmis, Afsanteen Roomi, Aftimoon Vilayati, Nagar Motha, Turbud Safaid, Qust Takh, Rai, Good Bachh, Shaham Hanzal, Namak Siyah, Zanjabeel, Shahad Khalis, Qand Safaid.

How to use: 5-10 grams to be taken at bed time for 3 days with water. After 3 days take 2 tablets of qurs-e-mulayan.

5 gms. with water a bed time for three days on regular basis. Give itrifal mulaiyan 6 gms. with milk at bed time on 4th. subsequently day.

Pack size: 125 gm.
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