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  • Itrifal Zamani

Itrifal Zamani

Cold & catarrh, Headache

  • Brand: Hamdard
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Complete solution for brain and nerve diseases.It strengthens the brain, nervous system and intestines.

It is useful in cold & catarrh, headache, dizziness, migraine, rheumatice pains and intoxication, stimulates peristalsis and removes constipation.

  • It is useful in cold & catarrh.
  • Effective in headache, dizziness, migraine, and intoxication.
  • Stimulates peristalsis and removes constipation

Cold & catarrh, Headache, dizziness ,migraine Constipation.

How To Use?

5 gm - 10 gm according to age, to be taken at bedtime with 250 ml of milk or water.

pack Size : 125 gm & 1 kg.


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