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Jauhar Khusia Rex

Removing sexual debility

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It fulfills the hopes of childless couples by increasing the secretion of semen and sperm count thereby removing sexual debility and improving motility and morphology of sperms. Also useful in general debility and increases the general heat of the body.

Improves the libido increasing the orgasm removes the sexual debility through increasing the production of reproductive matter i.e. semen and its consistency. improves the general health and increases the innate heat also.


Each 10 gram contains: Khusia Buz (Gallus Demastic) 100 Grams

How to use:

1 gram to be taken with a glass of milk in the morning. More effective if taken with 5 gram Labub Kabir or Majun Salab.

Pack size: 10 Gm.
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