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  • Jiryani Rex

Jiryani Rex

Premature Ejaculation

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Jiryani checks excessive nocturnal emission and remove general debility arising from it. It is highly helpful in night fall and premature ejaculation problems in men.

Those youth who destroys their human power with wrong doings becomes the victims of several nightfall’s in a single night. Nocturnal emissions occurred due to several reasons like masturbation, unnatural sex or excess of the sex. Jiryani checks excessive nocturnal emission and remove debility arising from it.

Rex Remedies Jiryani Benefits:
  • Unani medicine for nightfall treatment that helps last longer in bed
  • Prevents early and premature involuntary ejaculation of semen
  • Male enhancement pills and low testosterone supplement
  • Treatment for male impotence, loss of semen during wet dreams Rex Remedies Jiryani Indications:Nocturnal EmissionPremature EjaculationSexual DebilityNightfall TreatmentSpermatorrhoeaExcess EjaculationInvoluntary Ejaculation
  • Rex Remedies Jiryani Composition: (Ingredients)

    Gond KeekarSinghara KhushkNishastaMazuMastagiSakab MisriTalmakhanaAqaqiaKushta QalaiKuchla MudabbarWarq Nuqra

    How to use: 2 Pills in the morning and night with Majun Arad khurma 10 gms with milk or water.

    Pack size: 80 Pills
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