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  • Kamal tayyebi

Kamal tayyebi

Sexual Tonic

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Kamal (Unani Sexual Tonic)

is a highly effective sexual tonic which is an amazing combination of rare selected herbs with precious stones just in the right quantity to enhance and improve sexual health of a person. It also helps in increasing the libido, strength, stamina for a healthy sexual life and is an aphrodisiac that stimulates the hormonal glands in the body.

Kamal is a wonderful tonic with a combination of restorative herbs & precious stones. It builds up stamina & strengthens the vital hormonal glands of the body. A nervine tonic for vim, vigour & vitality. It is an aphrodisiac, highly semenagogue, increases libido & checks sexual debility. Kamal offers enviable advantages and benefits to all those who use it as a tonic for retaining the health for a longer duration.

  • Highly effective
  • Improves sexual vigor without side effects
  • Safe and natural

How to use:

Half teaspoon of Kamal with milk before breakfast.

Pack size 125gm
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