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  • Khamira Abresham Sheera Unnab Wala Rex

Khamira Abresham Sheera Unnab Wala Rex

Weakness of brain and flatulence

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trengthens the brain and heart, normalizes condition of restlessness and improves eyesight

It is used in the treatment of Tuberculosis, Dry Cough, Debility, Anxiety, Palpitation and weakness of eyesight. It helps to strengthen brain and lungs.

Relieves the palpitation and depression immediately , beneficial in dry and tuberculous cough , weakness of brain and flatulence.


Abresham Maqarraz, Gauzaban, Unnab, Sandal Safaid, Rub-e-Seb Shirin, Rub-e-Sub Tursh, Rub-e-Anar Shirin, Rub-e-Angoor Shirin, Rub-e-Behi Shirin, Arq Gulab, Arq Bed Mushk, Misri, Zafran, Amber.

How To Use?

5 grams to be taken on empty stomach in morning.

pack Size : 60 gm. 125 gm.
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