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  • Labub Kabir

Labub Kabir

Sexual Debility

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An effective herbal remedy for sexual organs, Enhances the production of seminal fluid, sexual debility and improves the function of kidney and urinary bladder.

It increases semen production and strengthens heart, brain and muscles, increases sperm count and helps romove general debility.

  • Restores sexual potency.
  • Redresses the disorders of the pituitary gland.
  • Increases the production of semen and gives strength to the kidney.

Sexual Debility,General debility.

How To Use?

10 gm, to be taken in the morning with 250 ml. of milk.

pack Size : 125 gm & 1 kg.


Khusyalus Salab, Narjeel Taza, Maghz Pista, Maghz Badam, Maghz Funduq, Maghz Akhrot, Maghz Chilghoza, Behman Surkh, Zanjabeel, Todri Zard, Khulanjan, Darchini, Burada Qaseeb Gao, Saad Kufi, Suranjan, Qaranfal, Chharila, Tukhm Shalgham, Warq Tila, Amber Ashhab, Ood Kham, Jauz Buwa, Tukhm Piyaz, Daronaj Aqrabi, Tukhm Turb, Zarambad, Shaqaqul Misri, Mastagi, Tukhm Halyun.

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