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General body weakness

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New Shama's “BADAM PRASH” is an attractive and palatable product containing expensive herbs and dry fruits which apart from being a medicine, is also a rich food supplement. In today's fast mechanical are and hectic life schedule nobody has time to take proper care of his body which results in the weakening of immune system of the body bringing in its wake, several complex mental and physical disorders that are difficult to cure. Realizing this precarious condition the modern man is faced with, New Shama Laboratories combining both ancient and modern knowledge using the expertise of their technical staff comprising of eminent Hakeems and scientists who by their relentless efforts have devised a formulation christened as “Badam Prash” and placed it before the public for their appreciation and benefit. The product contains costly ingredients as BADAM, PISTA, CHIRONJI, CHILGHOZA, MUSLI SAFED like above all, ZAFRAN (Kesar) the beneficial properties of which need not to be mentioned. This product is the outcome of extensive experimentation and has got approved by the Department of Health, Govt. of India. During production, the conditions laid down in G.M.P. have been strictly followed. This preparation is extremely useful in conditions like gradual fall in health, general body weakness, nervous disorders, appearance of signs of pre-mature ageing and sexual debility. It provides several essential vitamins, proteins consisting of essential amino acids, calcium and mineral components containing necessary elements as required. Its use, especially in winters is highly beneficial.

This preparation is highly useful in general body weakness, nervous disorders, appearing signs of premature ageing and sexual debility. It’s highly useful during winter season. It provides essential vitamins, proteins, calcium and mineral components.


Badam Shirin, Pista, Chilgoza, Chironji, Zafran, Salab Misri, Satavar, Musli Safed, Kadu Shirin, Chhuwara Munaqqa, Mavez Munnaqa, Murabba Adrak, Murabba Seb, Ard Nakhood, Nashasta, Qand Safed.


  • General body weakness.
  • In winters especially, its use is highly beneficial.
  • Gradual falling health due to unknown causes.
  • Makes up deficiency of several essential vitamins, proteins and minerals etc.

How to use:

Adults: 1 to 2 teaspoon with 250 ml lukewarm milk in the morning and evening. Children: 1/2 to 1 teaspoon with lukewarm milk in the morning and evening.


Equally useful for persons of all age groups and both sexes.

Pack size 250 gm & 500 gm.1kg.
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