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  • One ucToh Select Simple Glucose Monitor- Free 10 Strip

One ucToh Select Simple Glucose Monitor- Free 10 Strip

One Touch Select Simple

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Product Description

Need to consistently check your blood glucose levels? Bothered about visiting your nearby testing lab often to figure out your blood sugar levels? Well, you just need to have the OneTouch SelectSimple Glucometer with you. This medical instrument will be able to get you your blood glucose readings in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is apply your blood on the testing strips and insert it into this glucometer and you get your blood sugar reading. Sounds easy?


The OneTouch SelectSimple Glucometer is simple to learn and easy to use. It does not have buttons to confuse you. The readings appear clear and bold on the wide screen. The useful features of this instrument such as no setup, no coding and alert features reduces reading errors and gives you the peace of mind in knowing the correct blood glucose levels. If your doctor recommended a change in medication during your last visit and you want to know how the medicine is taking effect, well, you just need to have the OneTouch SelectSimple Glucometer with you. You could monitor your sugar levels at the needed frequency and take corrective steps without wasting much time.


The instrument is designed to be simple – in its usage as well as its functions. By keeping the testing process simple, One Touch assists and partners with you in your diabetes management effectively. So no more worrying about having to travel to your lab early morning and again after your food, no need to have the painful needles put in your nerves and no need to wait long ques. Just use the Onetouch Select Simple Glucometer and monitor your blood sugar levels at the comfort of your home.

From the Manufacturer

Simplifying diabetes management with audio alerts
One touch SelectSimple has a visual and audio alert that clearly notifies you within 5 seconds if their blood glucose level is high or low.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been diagnosed for a long period of time, OneTouch SelectSimple high-low alert provides a simple way of understanding their test results.

You will be alerted when their test results fall within the following low, high and very high ranges

Simple easy to use

Learn, easy to teach
From initial diagnosis to long-term treatment, diabetes management can be an overwhelming process for patients.

This is why OneTouch SelectSimple is designed to keep testing easy for you and to make it easy for you to learn how to use blood glucose monitor.

  • No setup
  • No coding
  • High-low alert

These useful features reduce the chance of any manual errors, giving you added confidence on test reliability.

You can now take action fast and seek professional help to arrest deteriorations before they escalate into a full-blown diabetic emergency.

3 simple steps for accurate results
With your ease of use on mind, OneTouch SelectSimple has no buttons a clearly visible test strip port, as well as an icon-driven interface that makes the blood glucose monitor display easy to read.

Simply Precise

OneTouch Select is designed for accuracy
Just one code OneTouch Select Test Strips provide you the simplicity of just one code(25) that works with OneTouch select Simple.

Glucose oxidase reaction Glucose oxidase (GO) chemistry is very stable and very specific (does not react with maltose in blood)

Measurement the amount of current measured by the blood glucose monitor is proportional to the glucose concentration in the sample

Reduce the risk of inappropriate treatment
OneTouch SelectSimple test results not only meet the accuracy requirements of ISO 15197:2003, but also achieved 100 percent accuracy rates in a clinical study involving both lay users and HCPs.

The choice is simple
Frequent and consistent self monitoring of blood glucose testing ia important for the healthy management of diabetes

By keeping testing simple for you, OneTouch Select Simple partners you in assisting to swiftly take control with your recommended action steps and reduce their risk of suffering serious diabetic complications.

Key benefits
  • Setup-free, no more coding
  • Interpret blood glucose highs and lows quickly with 2 alerts
  • Meets ISO accuracy requirements
  • Priced economically
  • Lightweight and small with no buttons
  • Easy to use
Test smart to see the effects of medication
Your doctor will recommended the best times to test your blood sugar to see how well your medication is working. Be sure to keep detailed records of your results and your medication schedule.

Your results will help your doctor:

  • Track changes
  • Track changes
  • Fine-tune (titrate) your medication doses
  • Switch your medication dosage, if necessary, to one that’s more effective for you
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