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Herbal Foods
  • Majun Musaffi Khas

Majun Musaffi Khas

  • Brand: Hamdard
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It is useful for venereal diseases, also useful in scabies, eczema, gonorrhea, whelks and leprosy.

How To Use?

6-10 gm, to be taken in the morning with water or with 40 ml of Sharbat Ushba Khas.

pack Size : 125 gm.


Aftimoon Wilayti, Burada Sandal Surkh, Burada Sandal Safaid, Badyan, Bisfaij, Balchar, Post Khalela Zard, Chobchini, Darchini, Revandchini, Saqmooniya Wilayti, Sanamakki, Anantmool, Kababchini, Gul Surkh, Halela Siyah, Qand Safaid, Mileh Firangi, Warq Nuqra.

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