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Herbal Foods
  • Qurs Bandish Khoon

Qurs Bandish Khoon

Haemoptysis (spitting of blood)

  • Brand: Hamdard
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It stops bleeding from any part of the body. Also helpful in blood vomiting, nose bleeding, heavy menstrual bleeding, blood in urine and bleeding poles etc. These tablets stop spitting of blood, bleeding through nose, urine bleeding, piles, excessive bleeding during menses and from any other part of the body.

How To Use?

2 tablets, to be taken in the morning and evening with water.

pack Size : 200 tablets.


Lakhdana, Raal Safaid, Phitkari Safaid, Mazu Sabz, Gond Keekar, Dammul Akhwain, Geru Surkh, Kushta Basud.

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