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Qurs Sozak

Gonorrhea,sensation in urine

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Qurs Sozaq effective medicine for the treatment of Gonorrhea. Removes burning sensation in urine and heals wounds of ureter.

It is an effective medicine for gonorrhoea. Its use causes free flow of urine and clears the pus from the urethra, thus healing the wounds.

  • Effective in Gonorrhea
  • Removes burning sensation in urine
  • Heals wounds of ureter

Gonorrhea,sensation in urine,wounds of ureter.

How To Use?

4 tablets, to be taken in the morning and evening with milk without sugar and with curd water during summer.

pack Size : 40 tablets.


Illaichi Khurd, Burada Sandal Safaid, Banslochan, Sat Behroza, Kababchini, Kaththa Safaid, Gond Keekar.

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