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  • Sex's health pack Rex

Sex's health pack Rex

Sexual health kit Rex

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GOLI NAWAB ALI SHAH: Activates the chief organs of the body. Corrects sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, involuntary discharge of semen, functional impotence, depressed libido, unsatisfactory erection and related disorders. Replenishes the vital forces, enhances energy and stamina and makes the body organs and muscles strong.

SHABAB-E- AZAM;In happy married life, male sexual abilities play an important role. Shabab-e-Azam improves power of erection, nourishes the local muscles and provides the orgasm with full stiffness in the penis, prolongs the mating period and provides extra sexual pleasure to both.

FARBAH OIL: It gives extra power to the chief organs and enhanses the energy and stamina of the male. It corrects the laziness , feebleness and obliquity of the sexual organ. The main objective of this medicine is to improve the length and diameter of the Panis for full enjoyment of sexual act.

How to use: GOLI NAWAB ALI SHAH:-(1 pill 2 hours before intended intercourse on an empty stomach or after complete digestion of food with 250 ml warm milk.),SHABAB-E-AZAM:- (10 GM with Milk in the night ),FARBAH OIL:-Apply a little quantity of oil on the sexual organ

Pack Size:5 pills, 125gm, 50 ml.
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