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A remedy for Cough,Cold & Bron- chitis,useful in all types of cough, removes sputum from lungs, relieves sore throat and hoarse voice.it is also helpful in laryngitis. Cough, Cold & Flu, Removes phlegm from lungs Soar throat and Clears hoarse voice Bronchitis Influenza, Tonsillitis Congestion of head and lungs.

How To Use?

2-3 tablets should be sucked slowly, or 4 tablets dissolved in 100 ml of hot water should be taken for immediate relief

pack Size : 50 tablets & Jar of 400 tablets(100 pouches of 4 tablets each)


Dry extract adhatoda vasica, Dry extract liquorice, Dry extract ocimum basilicum, Menthol, Oil eucalyptus, Oil cinnamon, Oil cubeb, Sucrose & excipients ad.

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